LEGO Ferrari F430 Spider

lego-ferrari-spider-boxThe Ferrari F430 Spider is a 1:17 LEGO model and it is also a part of the Racers Collection. For lovers of Ferrari, especially the Spider, they now have the opportunity to own their very own scale replica model. This product was launched at Geneva car show in March 2005 and it is just another beautiful model that LEGO has proven themselves to be very good at.

This is an authentic 1:17 scale version of the Ferrari F430 Spider. It has a fully detailed engine, convertible top and adjustable mirrors. You can also lift the Spider’s bonnet to see what is inside. It is authentic as it gets as all the details are there. You will get the Ferrari decals and it measures over 10″ (27 cm) long.

This is the perfect replica to play with or just have as a display. It comes with 559 pieces, which means you will have hours of fun putting it all together. A child will enjoy this and spent many days just enjoying the power of the Spider. Adults will love this as well, especially if their dream car is the Ferrari Spider.

LEGO Ferrari Spider Features:


  • 1:17 scale model
  • Step-by-step building diagrams
  • Spider measures more than 10 inches long
  • Features fully detailed engine, adjustable mirrors, and Ferrari decals
  • 559 pieces
  • Ages 8 and up

Video: Cool Stop Motion Video of The Making of the Ferrari F430 Spider

LEGO Ferrari Enzo 8653

lego-ferrari-enzo-boxFerrari makes some of the most awesome cars on the planet. One of their more popular models is the Ferrari Enzo. Its popularity is attributed to its mixture of beauty, speed, design and power. Everyone dreams to own a Ferrari Enzo 8653 and LEGO provides people with that opportunity with their scale version toys.

For Ferrari enthusiasts, there is a LEGO replica set that brings to life this dream car. It is available in 2 different scale sizes, the 1:10 and 1:17. Each site offers something different, depending on the amount of detail that you are looking for.

These LEGO Enzo Ferrari Set’s are almost like the real thing. You’ll be able to see the powerful V12 engine, as well as have the ability to open and close doors. The card can also be steered which will give you hours of enjoyment.

Types of Lego Ferrari Enzo 8653 Sets

There are different LEGO Ferrari Enzo sets and each of them brings something different to the table. If you are looking for more detailed a natural representation of the Ferrari Enzo, then you need to check out the 1:10 scale version. If you want something simpler, then you should get the 1:17 scale version. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages all of which will be explained below.

LEGO Racers Enzo Ferrari 1:10 Scale

This is the best replica available in my opinion. This scale 1:10 LEGO Ferrari Enzo replica is fully detailed and  exactly lego-ferrari-enzowhat this car enthusiasts will want. You have the ability to look inside the hood of this supercar and will be able to marvel at the very powerful V12 engine that is contained inside. The doors are fully movable, which means you have the ability to open and close them. Users of this scale also have the ability to steer the car, which will provide hours of fun and entertainment.

The measurements of the car are 18 inches in length and 9 inches in width. This LEGO replica really does justice for the Ferrari Enzo and if you are a fan of the car or just a LEGO Technic fan, then you will definitely enjoy this model.


  • True scale Enzo Ferrari model 1:10
  • Authentic, detailed replica of this ultimate streetcar
  • Doors open plus lots of other cool features
  • Raise the hood to see the V12 engine, Steering really works
  • Measures over 18 inches/45cm and over 9 inches wide

LEGO Racers Enzo Ferrari 1:17 Scale

lego-ferrari-enzo-17The 1:17 scale replica of the Enzo Ferrari is not as awesome as the 1:10 version, but it still rocks. You will get a true LEGO set that will allow you to build your own Enzo from scratch. You can then either decide to play with it or display it as your pride and joy. If you love Enzo’s and want a cheaper scale model, then the LEGO 1:17 model is just for you.


  • 477-pc. LEGO set
  • Accurate and detailed scale model of this famous street car
  • A 1:17 replica can be created and it can be rebuilt as the F333 SP Racer
  • Open the hood to reveal the Ferrari engine inside
  • Completed car measures a full 10 inches long
  • For ages 7+
  • 3Hx11Wx17L”

Video: LEGO Ferrari Enzo 1:10 In Action

LEGO Batman: Robin Figure


Robin the Boy Wonder, is Batman’s trusty sidekick. He has exceptional crime fighting abilities and this allows him to be the perfect complement to LEGO Batman.

Robin is known as Tim Drake and he is one of the few people to figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. This partnership is based on trust and they both work together to ensure that Gotham City is free from crime.

Robin Mini Figure Features

This mini figure of Robin the boy wonder is an exact replica, only in a LEGO form. You have Robin in his all too familiar superhero costume. The superhero costume is extremely detailed and this is a must have for fans of the LEGO Batman series.

This 2 inch figure was produced by LEGO in 2006 for the LEGO Batman series. It has since been retired and this makes the LEGO Batman Robin a collector’s item. If you need to finish your collection, then get this mini figurine, you will not be disappointed.