LEGO Ferrari F430 Spider

lego-ferrari-spider-boxThe Ferrari F430 Spider is a 1:17 LEGO model and it is also a part of the Racers Collection. For lovers of Ferrari, especially the Spider, they now have the opportunity to own their very own scale replica model. This product was launched at Geneva car show in March 2005 and it is just another beautiful model that LEGO has proven themselves to be very good at.

This is an authentic 1:17 scale version of the Ferrari F430 Spider. It has a fully detailed engine, convertible top and adjustable mirrors. You can also lift the Spider’s bonnet to see what is inside. It is authentic as it gets as all the details are there. You will get the Ferrari decals and it measures over 10″ (27 cm) long.

This is the perfect replica to play with or just have as a display. It comes with 559 pieces, which means you will have hours of fun putting it all together. A child will enjoy this and spent many days just enjoying the power of the Spider. Adults will love this as well, especially if their dream car is the Ferrari Spider.

LEGO Ferrari Spider Features:


  • 1:17 scale model
  • Step-by-step building diagrams
  • Spider measures more than 10 inches long
  • Features fully detailed engine, adjustable mirrors, and Ferrari decals
  • 559 pieces
  • Ages 8 and up

Video: Cool Stop Motion Video of The Making of the Ferrari F430 Spider

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