LEGO Batman: Robin Figure


Robin the Boy Wonder, is Batman’s trusty sidekick. He has exceptional crime fighting abilities and this allows him to be the perfect complement to LEGO Batman.

Robin is known as Tim Drake and he is one of the few people to figure out that Bruce Wayne is Batman. This partnership is based on trust and they both work together to ensure that Gotham City is free from crime.

Robin Mini Figure Features

This mini figure of Robin the boy wonder is an exact replica, only in a LEGO form. You have Robin in his all too familiar superhero costume. The superhero costume is extremely detailed and this is a must have for fans of the LEGO Batman series.

This 2 inch figure was produced by LEGO in 2006 for the LEGO Batman series. It has since been retired and this makes the LEGO Batman Robin a collector’s item. If you need to finish your collection, then get this mini figurine, you will not be disappointed.

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